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Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport Rental Car Center


Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport Rental Car Center

Phoenix rental car customers will find added convenience at the Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport Rental Car Center. The facility houses all of Sky Harbor's rental car operations under one roof. The rental car counters are located inside of a 125,000 square foot customer service building which sits on top of a three level parking garage. The garage has the capacity to hold 5,600 rental cars ready for customer pickup.

The Rental Car Center provides one stop shopping for rental car customers at Sky Harbor. Arriving passengers will no longer have to look for individual rental car company buses at the terminal curbs. They take a designated Rental Car Center bus for a five minute ride to the facility. Customers are dropped off at the customer service level of the building, where all rental car counters are located side by side. Customers return their rental cars to the same location.

The Sky Harbor Rental Car Center is conveniently located west of the airport near two major interstate highways, I-10 and I-17. It benefits Sky Harbor and its customers in a number of ways, easing congestion on the airport roadways and reducing confusion at the curbs. Here is a map and directions to the Phoenix Sky Harbor Rental Car Center.

Phoenix is the 3rd largest airport rental car market in the United States. More than one million rental car transactions are processed every year at Sky Harbor.

Here are the amenities in the new Sky Harbor Rental Car Center:

  • A traffic information system, which shows freeway drive times to various locations around the Phoenix area.
  • A staffed information counter offering personalized assistance along with printed materials.
  • Full coffee services, food to go, snacks and sundries for sale.
  • ATMs
  • Free luggage carts
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