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Will Arizona Pay Me To Move There?

By February 22, 2007

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Here's a question I'd not received before. It raises an interesting point.
My family and I are planning to move to Arizona. We live in Chicago, Illinois; it is very cold here and in the summer the humidity is very high. Due to my medical health and my doctors suggested that I need to relocate to the south west. Is there any financial assistance for people who are disabled and need to relocate due to medical reasons? Please direct me to the appropriate office.
Here was my answer.
I donít believe that the State of Arizona provides financial assistance for people to move here. I don't recall hearing of a state that provides monetary incentive for residents to come in. The state that you are leaving, however, may have some financial support for you, especially if you are receiving financial assistance in other ways from your state.

Once you are a resident in Arizona, of course, you may qualify for assistance programs here. To find out more about those, my advice is to contact Community Information & Referral. It is a nonprofit organization that helps people in Arizona by matching them with the organizations that will provide the help they are looking for. Besides the Web site, they also have a toll-free 24 hour hot line at 800-352-3792.

Finally, if you or your spouse are full-time employees or are self-employed on a full time basis, your moving expenses might be tax deductible. A tax professional could help you out with that.

Resources for Financial Assistance in Arizona

Food Stamps
Disabled, Handicapped, and Special Needs
Nonprofit Organizations


March 1, 2007 at 8:23 am
(1) Rita Grace says:

In regards to your comment with the lady moving from Chicago to Phoenix. Good for you I really liked your comment. I mean really why would any state pay any person to move there. I am so tired of people trying to beat the system any way they can. We all have medical issues we deal with and go on. Did she not know that Chicago was cold before she moved there or has she lived there all her life. And if she has lived there all of life why move now. I am so SICK of tired, lazy, looking for any excuses to not have to work for a living ‘people’. Always looking for a hand out or some type of “help me please’. They need to get off their fat butts and do what needs to be done and stop looking for a handout. I loved your comment, thanks and have a pleasant day….Rita.

March 2, 2007 at 8:06 pm
(2) phoenix says:

Hi Rita,

Thanks for your comment.

I actually receive quite a few emails from people who are out-of-state and want to know how to move here and immediately access State benefits, including students who want me to advise them how to get around residency requirements.

I cringe whenever I receive them because, of course, I’m a taxpayer like other Arizona citizens, paying my fair share to support State programs.

Having said, that, my intention was not to be too harsh to this person. I try very hard to not be too judgmental, since I don’t know these people, don’t know their circumstances, don’t know how or why they became ill or homeless or can’t pay full tuition where they live. I do know that they didn’t invent the entitlement programs that are in place today all over the country, and the bottom line to them is that they do exist, so what could it hurt to ask? The answer? It doesn’t hurt to ask, and if I became disabled or ill or homeless with 3 kids and no spouse, I’d probably ask, too.

We’re lucky, you and I, since we haven’t been put in that position. I hope it stays that way for both of us.

March 23, 2011 at 3:43 am
(3) Kari hall says:

What a judgmental ignorant comment you made Rita you should take a step back and realize how prejudiced you are how dare you lump someone disabled or handicapped into one group of people. I agree there are some people taking advantage of the system but to say that all handicapped or disabled people are LAZY is absurd.

As far as the question addressed which unfortunately will not help this questionnaire is Alaska. It’s called “Permanent Fund Dividend” but you don’t qualify until you have been a resident for 1 year. It’s about 1200. Google it for more information.

However I must say right now would be a terrible time to move to Alaska with the radiation, not to mention their winters last about as long as it takes to make a baby. Best of luck to you!

March 23, 2012 at 7:13 pm
(4) Nadia says:

Not everyone who asks for some kind of help to move is disabled or just lazy. I am looking to move to Arizona, across country from Virginia….

I am moving because I have to get out of here with what I have on my back. If I stay here any longer, I am risking my life because of the area I am in and how much more frequent threats on my life have become. I am a full time student! I can’t buy a house and then not have any prospect of a job so I have to try and find some kind of job that will offer housing assistance or something just so I can get out of here.

People have all sorts of reasons for moving and not everyone has the time to build up proper resources either…

September 13, 2013 at 7:53 pm
(5) Not Nadia says:

Wow, Nadia. That was one of the craziest things I have ever read on the interwebz, and iIhave read some crazy stuff. Stay in VA, please, with all the other kooks.

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