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Arizona Election 2008 - Arizona Corporation Commission

By September 27, 2008

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In addition to electing a new president in November 2008 we will be voting for several ballot propositions. We'll also decide which candidates will be elected to various state positions. One of those positions is Arizona Corporation Commission. We'll be filling three seats. Regulates electric, natural gas, telephone and privately operated water utilities.
  • Enforces securities laws and conducts safety inspections and enforcement for railroads and pipelines.
  • Issues fines to utilities that violate its rules.
  • Manages/regulates the incorporation of businesses and organizations in Arizona.
  • Hears and makes decisions in contested matters.
  • Candidate: Sam George
    Party: Democrat
    A Few Platform Points: Arizona and America need to be energy independent. I believe that solar power is the road to energy independence; former Deputy Secretary of State for Arizona.
    Official web site: http://www.solargeorge.com

    Candidate: Sandra Kennedy
    Party: Democrat
    A Few Platform Points: will promote clean energy sources that will also help with air pollution and water scarcity. Arizona has enough solar resources to be energy independent and have sustainable economic growth; I support the Renewable Energy Standard and Tariff (REST) of 15% by 2025; a consumer advocate who will always stand up for consumers, and especially elderly and low-income consumers.
    Official web site: http://www.kennedy4az.com

    Candidate: Marian A. McClure
    Party: Republican
    A Few Platform Points: Could not determine any platform points.
    Official web site: Could not find an official candidate web site. If you know of one, please post the URL in the comments below.

    Candidate: Paul Newman
    Party: Democrat
    A Few Platform Points: current Cochise County Supervisor for District 2; will push for significant increases in energy produced by wind and solar; Our state is capable of responding to America’s energy challenges by becoming an exporter of solar produced energy; There has not been a Commissioner on the ACC hailing from southern Arizona for over two decades.
    Official web site: http://www.paulnewmanaz.com

    Candidate: Bob Stump
    Party: Republican
    A Few Platform Points: has represented District 9 (Sun City, Peoria, Glendale and Youngtown) in the Arizona House of Representatives since 2002; will fight for ratepayers and consumers, aggressively protect citizens against securities fraud, advocate for new water and energy infrastructure, and pursue all avenues of energy production to secure energy which is cheaper, more convenient to obtain, and cleaner.
    Official web site: http://www.stump4az.com

    Candidate: Barry Wong
    Party: Republican
    A Few Platform Points: demanding diverse and reliable energy production and distribution; holding the line on excessive rate hikes; promoting renewable energy - solar, wind, geothermal, biomass; ensuring quality and reliable water; protecting citizens against investment fraud; appointed to fill an open seat on Arizona Corporation Commission in 2006.
    Official web site: http://www.barrywong.com

    Which Arizona Corporation Commission Candidate Will Get Your Vote in 2008? (Vote for 3)

    1) Sam George
    2) Sandra Kennedy
    3) Marian A. McClure
    4) Paul Newman
    5) Bob Stump
    6) Barry Wong

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    October 12, 2008 at 11:55 pm
    (1) Jean Blair says:

    Website for Marian McClure

    October 18, 2008 at 3:34 am
    (2) Anthem says:

    The Tucson Weekly called George “sleazy.” The Phoenix New Times has discussed George’s “history of shady dealings.” The Tucson Citizen wrote that they were “unimpressed” by Kennedy because she “showed a dearth of knowledge on ACC issues.”

    The Tucson Citizen wrote it was “troubled that [George] changed his name in 2004 from Sam Vagenas…As Vagenas, he helped get two pro-marijuana ballot issues passed in Arizona, though the Legislature later gutted them. State investigators also linked him to fake ‘internal memos’ circulated during the 2002 gubernatorial race, falsely claiming Janet Napolitano, as attorney general, covered up the Colorado City polygamy crisis…Two years ago, when he lost election to the Central Arizona Water Conservation District Board, Sam George sued election officials and fellow candidates to demand a recount. The election tally didn’t change.”

    According to the New Times, George’s third pro-dope initiative “would have freed medical marijuana users to deal drugs to kids – and actually required the Department of Public Safety to give out pot, for free.”

    November 3, 2008 at 1:07 am
    (3) Alan Montgomery says:

    Please join me in voting for Sam George, Sandra Kennedy, and Paul Newman For Corporation Commission. They will bring alternative energy to Arizona with a heavy focus on Solar Power which make since, since Arizona is known for its sunshine. They will bring a fresh perspective to the Corporation Commission after 20 years of Republican rule. It is time for fresh ideas that will bring us to the future and not continue the dusty old ideas of the past. George, Kennedy, and Newman will also strongly protect the consumer and not side with utility companies and corporations as the Republican and big business lobbyist controlled Corporation has done for the last 20 years. Stand up for the consumer, stand for change, stand for alternative energy, vote For George, Kennedy, and Newman!

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