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Arizona Election 2012: U.S. Senator

By September 26, 2012

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Update: Jeff Flake won.
In November 2012 registered voters in Arizona will be voting for several ballot propositions including a sales tax, open elections and the process for selection of judges. We will also decide which candidates will be elected to various important Arizona state positions. One of those positions is U.S. Senator.

The U.S. Senator is elected to a six-year term and may be re-elected as many times as they can win. Arizona's current U.S. Senator, Jon Kyl (Republican), is the incumbent, but has decided to retire instead of running again. He currently serves as the Assistant Minority Leader (Republican Whip). Jon Kyl was first elected to the Senate in 1994 and has had little trouble being re-elected each time he ran. He will complete his third term and then be replaced by whoever wins in November 2012. Senator John McCain (Republican) is the other current Senator from Arizona. His position is not up for re-election at this time; U.S. Senator terms are staggered.

The duties and responsibilities of the Senate include lawmaking responsibilities shared with the House of Representatives. Additionally, the Senate handles any Presidential impeachment proceedings, considers the ratification of treaties and decides on presidential appointments for such positions as federal judgeships, ambassadorships, or Cabinet offices.

The candidates listed here represent a political party. A full listing, including write-ins, can be found at the Arizona Secretary of State Elections website.

If you are not familiar with the candidates, here are excerpts of platform points quoted from each candidates' respective website.

Candidate: Richard Carmona
City: Tucson
Party: Democratic
Official website: www.carmonaforarizona.com
A Few Platform Points:

  • "The most important issue we face as a nation is strengthening our economy and creating jobs. Whether it was running Southern Arizona's first trauma center, or helping run one of the world's leading health and wellness companies, I've learned a few things about building a business and creating jobs. Too few politicians in Washington have ever had to create a budget and stick to it, make payroll or deal with unpredictable economic forces. The only job career politicians seem to care about is their own. Arizonans have always been resourceful, innovative and, above all, hard working. I remain confident in their ingenuity. I want to help unleash the creative forces and talents right here at home by incentivizing bottom-up growth that will empower small businesses, create sustainable economic growth and more middle-class jobs."
  • "First and foremost, we need to ensure our borders are safe and secure. We need to overhaul our immigration laws and support a comprehensive approach that is practical, tough and fair. That means securing the border, cracking down on drug and human smuggling, punishing companies who knowingly hire illegal immigrants, and eliminating a nefarious labor market that exploits those living in the shadows of our society. We should also pass the DREAM Act that creates a path to legalization for children, who, through no fault of their own, were brought into this country at a young age, have worked hard and are either going to college or have enlisted in the military."
  • "Medicare is a vital program that provides critical health care for a significant portion of our population, including those that are among our most vulnerable. We should do all we can to preserve benefits, while cutting waste and fraud from the program, modernize medical records to save money, and work to lower overall health care costs. People count on these vital programs for their retirement security, and as Arizona's Senator, I will make sure that we reform them in a responsible way so they remain viable for future generations."

Candidate: Marc Victor
City: Chandler
Party: Libertarian
Official website: www.victorforsenate.com
A Few Platform Points:
  • "Republicans and Democrats often talk about cutting federal spending, but neither is actually committed to doing so. Indeed, federal spending continues to grow regardless of whether the Republicans or the Democrats are in charge. This happens because politicians are afraid to upset any particular voter who is the recipient of some hand out, program, or unearned benefit. Most federal government programs and agencies need to be abolished completely. Indeed, the government's role is to protect the rights of its citizens to pursue happiness as they define it. All programs and agencies inconsistent with this mission need to be abolished."
  • "I would always oppose using the United States military to fight for another country's wars or for "Nation Building." The United States military is not the world's police force. It is solely to protect the citizens of the United States. No American should be ordered into battle to risk his or her life fighting for another country's interests. Congress has the constitutional authority to declare war. The United States military should never be involved in any extended military conflict without a congressional declaration of war."
  • "I would work to abolish laws that increase the transaction cost to immigrate to the United States such that all peaceful people who come to the United States to work and pursue their happiness would find it easy to immigrate. I would also work to dismantle government spending on social welfare programs for all people. As with the drug war, the current violence associated with illegal alien smuggling would immediately end as peaceful productive people could easily immigrate. Indeed, there was no alien smuggling or immigration violence during the late 1800s and early 1900s nor was there drug violence prior to the drug war. A free society should welcome others who seek to live in peace and pursue their happiness; it is a win win."

Candidate: Jeff Flake
City: Tempe
Party: Republican
Official website: arizonaforflake.com
A Few Platform Points:
  • "Jeff voted "NO" on ObamaCare in the House, and will vote "NO" on ObamaCare in the Senate as many times as it takes until the law is repealed."
  • "Jeff voted for a security fence on the border with Mexico and tougher crackdowns on drug traffickers and human smugglers. Jeff believes we must secure the border before considering any changes to immigration law."
  • "Jeff is recognized as one of the foremost "Defenders of the Taxpayer" in Congress. Jeff has a long record of voting to cut your taxes, and will continue to do so in the Senate."

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