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Arizona Election 2012: Corporation Commission

By September 30, 2012

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In November 2012 registered voters in Arizona will be voting for several ballot propositions including a sales tax, open elections and the process for selection of judges. We will also decide which candidates will be elected to various important Arizona state positions. One of those positions is Commissioner of the Arizona Corporation Commission. Arizona is one of only 13 states with elected Commissioners.

In Arizona there are five Commissioners. They are each elected to a four-year term and may be re-elected to one additional consecutive four-year term. The Commissioners decide among themselves which person will be the Chairman. The Commission staff is organized into eight Divisions: Utilities, Securities, Corporations, Safety, Hearings, Legal, Administration and Information Technology. The duties and responsibilities of the Arizona Corporation Commission include (but are not limited to) researching and developing utility issues, monitoring the quality of utility service, and approval of rates; the registration and/or oversight of securities, securities dealers and brokers, investment advisers; approvals for filing all articles of incorporation for Arizona businesses; granting authority to foreign corporations to transact business in AZ; revoking the corporate charters of those corporations which do not comply with Arizona law; enforcing pipeline safety standards and operating practices applicable to the transportation of gas and hazardous liquids by pipeline and the operation of liquefied natural gas facilities; holding public hearings involving the regulation of public service corporations, the sale of securities and the registration of non-municipal corporations.

The candidates listed here represent a political party. A full listing, including write-ins, can be found at the Arizona Secretary of State Elections website. We will be selecting three Commissioners in 2012.

Not sure who will get your vote? Here are excerpts of platform points quoted from each candidates' respective website.

Candidate: Marcia Busching
City: Phoenix
Party: Democratic
Official website: marciaforarizona.com
A Few Platform Points:

  • Marcia's Priorities include: "Protect seniors and families from predatory investments and scams perpetrated by companies registered with the Arizona Corporation Commission."
  • Marcia's Priorities include: "Serve as an advocate for Arizona residents when it comes to utility rates, and ensure that no unnecessary or harmful rate increases take place."
  • Marcia's Priorities include: "Continue supporting Arizona's goal of meeting or exceeding 15% renewable energy by 2025."

Candidate: Sandra Kennedy*
City: Phoenix
Party: Democratic
Official website: www.kennedyacc2012.com
A Few Platform Points:
  • "I will always promote clean energy sources that will also help with air pollution and water scarcity, and I want Arizona to be the Solar State. Arizona has enough solar resources to be energy independent and have sustainable economic growth."
  • "I continue to support the Arizona Corporation Commission's (ACC) Renewable Energy Standard and Tariff (REST) of 15% by 2025. Our neighboring states required this years ago, and they are way ahead of us in diversifying their energy portfolios and they are reaping the economic benefits."
  • "Arizona has a new energy efficiency standard now. And more and more solar and renewable energy projects, with the sustainable jobs that come with them, have developed under my watch and guidance. I remain a determined consumer advocate who will always stand up for consumers, and especially for the elderly and low-income consumers."

Candidate: Paul Newman*
City: Tucson
Party: Democratic
Official website: www.paulnewmanaz.com
A Few Platform Points:
  • " I believe we can, and should, have an energy system reliant on energy sources that will never run out and that don't damage the health of our citizens. That is why I introduced the most pro-solar amendments of any Commissioner in Corporation Commission history and will continue to do so if re-elected."
  • "I have fought, and will continue to fight all unwarranted rate increases that are brought before the Commission. Seniors, families, and businesses need steady and sustainable rates that will not fluctuate wildly and the Commission must always be up front and transparent when dealing with costs to your pocketbook."
  • "As a Commissioner my constitutional duty is to defend your interests. The oath I took to defend you, guides every decision I make. Too often the requests of the utilities, mines, and others, are put ahead of the needs of the people. I will fight for the energy system that Arizona needs, not the energy system that is most convenient for the utilities."

Candidate: Thomas Meadows
City: Phoenix
Party: Green
Official website: no official website found
A Few Platform Points:
    No platform points found.

Candidate: Daniel Pout
City: Mesa
Party: Green
Official website: www.facebook.com/DanielPoutForArizonaCorporationCommissioner
A Few Platform Points:
  • "Unemployment in Arizona remains high but that doesn't worry our power suppliers. They made over $1bn of operating profit and cut off close to 100,000 people's power in 2011. Vote for me, a Green candidate who puts people before profit."
  • "Waste-to-energy is not a satisfactory way to meet the already ludicrously low renewable energy target in Arizona."
  • "EVERY one of our neighboring states has higher renewable standards and will achieve them even faster than Arizona if we do not change course. Arizona 15% by 2025; New Mexico, 20% by 2020; California 33% by 2020; Nevada, 25% by 2025 (6% from solar), and none of these states have near the potential for solar that Arizona does."

Candidate: Christopher Gohl
City: Fountain Hills
Party: Libertarian
Official website: no official website found
A Few Platform Points:
    No platform points found.

Candidate: Susan Bitter Smith
City: Scottsdale
Party: Republican
Official website: bittersmith.com
A Few Platform Points:
  • "A native of Arizona, she has served as a member of the Scottsdale City Council and was Vice Mayor. She has just completed her second six year term as an elected member of the Central Arizona Water Conservation District Board of Directors, having served the last four as President of the Board (the first woman to hold this position)."
  • "...she has led the fight to mitigate the EPA's efforts to close the Navajo Generating Station, the primary power source that operates the Central Arizona Project."
  • "She is a founding member of 'Women in Water,' a local group of women involved in water policy....Susan has spoken to numerous water and energy groups throughout the region including the Colorado River Water User's Association, Agri-Business Council, and the Water Utility User's Association. She is currently reorganizing the Central Arizona Project Association, whose purpose is to support the success of the CAP and other water providers."

Candidate: Robert "Bob" Burns
City: Peoria
Party: Republican
Official website: www.corpcomm2012.com/about_bob_burns.php
A Few Platform Points:
  • "In 2003, Bob was elected to the Arizona State Senate, where he again distinguished himself as an outstanding leader. Bob served as Chairman of Appropriations, and on a number of committees, including Rules, and Finance. In 2009, Bob was elected as President of the Arizona Senate, and served as such until 2010. During the twenty years that Bob served in the Legislature, he was Chairman of the Appropriations Committee for fourteen years."
  • "While serving in the Legislature, Bob Burns received many recognitions and awards, including the 'Watchdog Award' given by the Arizona Tax Research Association to legislators who fight for the taxpayer and target wasteful spending in government."
  • "While serving in the Legislature, Bob Burns received many recognitions and awards, including the 'Nations Renewable Energy Leader' from Business Facilities Magazine."

Candidate: Bob Stump*
City: Peoria
Party: Republican
Official website: www.stump4az.com
A Few Platform Points:
  • "Representative Bob Stump has represented District 9 (Sun City, Peoria, Glendale and Youngtown) in the Arizona House of Representatives since 2002."
  • "Bob will stand up for ratepayers and consumers; aggressively fight securities fraud and protect Arizonans' retirement investments; advocate for new water and energy infrastructure for our rapidly-growing state; and pursue all avenues of energy production to secure energy which is cheaper, cleaner, and more convenient to produce and obtain."
  • "Bob serves as a member of the House Water and Agriculture Committee, where he has helped promote sound water management policies for our state."

*Currently serving on the Arizona Corporation Commission.

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