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Judy Hedding

    Moving to Phoenix, Arizona: What You Need to Know

    When I moved to Tempe in 1979, I knew absolutely nothing about Phoenix or Arizona. I was young and impulsive. I quit my good job in N.Y., picked a place on the map I had never even visited, and drove. Well, that worked out great for me, but I understand that this isn't how most people make life-altering decisions!

    Moving to another state can be traumatic. I have found that there is a standard theme that runs through the questions I receive from people who are considering a move to the metro Phoenix area. I'll take you on a journey through those issues, and try to give you the information that you need to make the right decisions for yourself and your family. You'll receive one installment for each of eight weeks. You may unsubscribe at any time.

    Each week people sign up for my email courses, but don't realize that their own systems are blocking my emails from getting through to them. If you sign up for this online course via email, or any other newsletter I offer (all free!) Please add my email address, aboutphx@gmail.com, to your contact list, or configure your spam filters to bypass any messages from that address.

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