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Dog Parks: Off Leash Opportunities

Take Your Dog to an Off-Leash Area for Fun and Exercise



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Until recently any unleashed dog (with or without an owner) seen sniffing his way around a valley park would be met with the disdainful look of the humans using the park. We all know that there are leash laws. No matter how well trained or well mannered a canine might be, it is only appropriate that the dog’s owner respect the rights of others who use our parks and leash his or her pet. But what about a dog’s rights? Does it not have the inalienable right to sniff at every tree and bush? To run and bound through grass and mud? To meet others of his own kind? To develop those bonds that only a full speed chase can solidify?

Well now, every dog can have her day. There are places where dogs can meet and socialize. They are referred to as “Bark Parks” or "Dog Parks" and they have proliferated around the valley. Dog parks are designated fenced areas where people can bring their Shitzhu and their Shepherd to allow them to romp unleashed with other dogs. Most of the dog parks have water available for the pets and cleanup facilities, like pooper-scoopers or plastic bags. Some have trees and benches and double-gated entrances. Common sense is the responsibility of the human involved when visiting an off leash facility.

Here are some basics. Following these simple rules should make the Dog Park visit a pleasant one for everyone.

  • Aggressive dogs are not welcome.
  • Dogs in heat are not welcome.
  • Your dog should be under voice control.
  • Dogs should have current vaccinations.
  • Don't bring more dogs than you can handle.
  • Always clean up after your dog.
  • Fill any holes your dog digs.
  • Don't bring young children. These are not playgrounds for humans.
  • Keep your pet on a leash until you are into the fenced area.
  • Watch your dog while in the fenced area.
  • Offer your dog water.
  • Abide by any local park rules.

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