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Dangerous Intersections

Phoenix Makes Another Top 10 List


Update 2014: This organization no longer conducts this survey, as far as I can tell. I decided not to delete this page, as some of the information may still be useful. Keep in mind that there have been many changes in Greater Phoenix since 2004. I have compiled various surveys and rankings, some of which involve safety, in a section that I call Phoenix, AZ: Top Ten City, Bottom Ten City. Please check there for more and updated statistics and reports about living in the metro Phoenix area.

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Phoenix has, once again, made a top ten list. And, once again, it isn't for something good. State Farm Insurance, the largest U.S. auto insurer, compiled a list of the worst intersections in the country, based on crashes resulting in claims by its policyholders in 1999 and 2000 at the hundreds of thousands of street and highway intersections in the United States. Phoenix has two intersections in the top 10 list of most dangerous intersections. They are 7th Street and Bell Road, and 19th Avenue and Northern Avenue. Although it didn't make the top 10 in the nation, the intersection at 32nd Street and Greenway is also considered very dangerous, according to their analysis.

State Farm Insurance offers each community with an intersection on the national list up to $120,000 for an in-depth safety study and improvements to that particular intersection. According to State Farm, safety at some intersections can be improved through relatively minor adjustments such as a change in the traffic signal pattern and enhanced visibility of signals, signs and pavement markings.

Phoenix decided to take them up on their offer and performed a study of each intersection that made the list. An improvement plan was submitted to State Farm and it was accepted. Improvements to the two intersections that made the top ten list include a bus bay conversion, signal visibility upgrades, pedestrian indicators, various operational improvements (signal timing, LED indicators) and overlaying the intersections with material having high friction factor to make it easier for drivers to stop their vehicles.

With so many cars on our streets incidents are bound to occur. Still, many serious crashes may be prevented by taking steps like the ones that the City of Phoenix Transportation Department plans for these two dangerous intersections. Hopefully, when State Farm Insurance does the next survey, Phoenix won't be on the list.

Here is the list of the nation's most dangerous intersections, as compiled by State Farm Insurance:

1. Pembroke Pines, FL: Flamingo Road and Pines Boulevard

2. Philadelphia, PA: Red Lion Road and Roosevelt Boulevard

3. Philadelphia, PA: Grant Avenue and Roosevelt Boulevard

4. Phoenix, AZ: 7th Street and Bell Road

5. Tulsa, OK: 51st Street and Memorial Drive

6. Tulsa, OK: 71st Street and Memorial Drive

7. Phoenix, AZ: 19th Avenue and Northern Avenue

8. Plano, TX: State Highway 121 and Preston Road

9. Metairie, LA: Clearwater Parkway and Veterans Memorial Boulevard

10. Sacramento, CA: Fair Oaks Boulevard and Howe Avenue

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