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Arizona Clip Art: Desert Plants
Includes Agave, Ocotillo, Saguaro, Golden Barrel, Bougainvillea

The Arizona Clip Art is free, but there are conditions for use of any of these images. Before copying any of this clip art, please read the Terms of Use.


Saguaro in Bloom

Palm Tree

Golden Barrel Cactus

Barrel Cactus

Torch Bougainvillea

Terms of Use

All clipart on this page may be used on personal or commercial websites free of charge as long as a link back is included to any page on this site. This clipart may not be used in clipart collections, for resale, or for any other applications without prior permission. A suggested format for a link back to this site is:

Clipart by Judy Hedding, Your Guide to Phoenix at

All clipart ©2000-2002 Judy Hedding, licensed to About.com

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