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Jerome is an Official Ghost Town


Jerome is Arizona's most famous ghost town and is by far the largest. The post office in Jerome was established in 1883 and is still operating. Jerome was a copper mining town and almost 3,000 inhabitants lived and worked there in 1900 making it the fourth largest city in the Arizona territory. Jerome is actually a State Historic Park and there is a museum, many original buildings, including the jail, and the mine to be viewed. It has become somewhat of an artist's colony since the Jerome Historical Society fought to keep the town alive. Today the Town of Jerome has a Chamber of Commerce and a volunteer fire department. There is much to see and do in Jerome--it will take an entire afternoon. If you intend to eat at the House of Joy (a former brothel) you need reservations weeks in advance. Nearby Clarkdale is where the smelter operation was built.

Directions to Jerome

To get to Jerome from Phoenix take I-17 (the Black Canyon Freeway) North to State Route 69 into Prescott. From Prescott take Alt 89 into Jerome. Any type of vehicle will do. For a fun drive back, take the winding mountain road out the other side of Jerome to 260 toward Camp Verde.

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