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The Stately Saguaro Cactus

Tree of the Desert


The Stately Saguaro Cactus
© Judy Hedding
The saguaro cactus is a very unusual looking tree of the desert. It has been the subject of many photographs, and commonly conjures up thoughts of the west and the beauty of the Southwest desert.

Along with each photo in the gallery, I've included a saguaro fact. Now you can be a saguaro expert!

Saguaro #1
How do you say it?

Saguaro #2
Does a saguaro have flowers?

Saguaro #3
Where does it grow?

Saguaro #4
How many arms does it have?

Saguaro #5
Where did those holes come from?

Saguaro #6
How tall is the average saguaro?

Saguaro #7
How big is the biggest saguaro?

Saguaro #8
How does the saguaro store water?

Saguaro #9
How deep are the roots?

Saguaro #10
When does the saguaro flower?

Saguaro #11
How big is the saguaro flower?

Saguaro #12
How long do saguaro blooms last?

Saguaro #13
How does pollination occur?

Saguaro #14
What happens to the fruit?

Saguaro #15
Do birds live in the saguaro?

Saguaro #16
Are saguaros endangered?

Saguaro #17
What happens when a saguaro dies?

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