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One Man's Story of a Rattler Bite, and the Remedies That Helped Him


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Pat Moss, whose story this is about his rattlesnake bite, made a list of eighteen remedies to help you heal from a rattlesnake bite.*

  1. ice/ice water immersion for six hours (to slow down the venom)
  2. drink LOTS of pure water (to flush venom to the kidneys)
  3. powdered vitamin C (to detoxify poisons/venom in the body)
  4. bromelain concentrate from pineapple (to directly dissolve/disable snake venom: pure protein)
  5. aloe vera fresh leaves and concentrate (to heal the snake bite wound and skin, and to detoxify the body)
  6. milk thistle (to strengthen the liver, since all toxins go through the liver)
  7. echinacea and goldenseal (to strengthen the immune system and to detoxify the body)
  8. ABC blood detox (to detoxify the blood)
  9. Chinese Pai Yao pills (popular Oriental snake bite remedy)
  10. vitamins and minerals, including zinc, vitamins E and B12 (to promote muscle/tissue healing and repair)
  11. Sea Silver and colloidal silver 5 ppm solution (for vitamins and minerals and as an anti-bacterial)
  12. castor oil (to dress the wound, and to act as anti-bacterial and laxative)
  13. fresh red grapes and red grape juice (for easy-to-digest nutrition and to increase immune response)
  14. fresh pineapple (venom solvent and digestive enzymes)
  15. vitamin A from fresh baby carrots (for skin healing)
  16. prunes (for natural laxative)
  17. chicken broth (for easy-to-digest nutrition)
  18. Prayers from dear friends (most potent remedy!)

Mr. Moss' experience with a rattlesnake bite has led him to share his opinions about natural remedies that he believes helped him to recover from the rattlesnake bite.*

1. Bromelain and papain. The snake venom molecule (and most snake and insect bite venoms) are composed of three-dimensional, nearly 100% pure, protein. The strongest known natural solvents for protein molecules are bromelain and papain. Bromelain is found in pineapple. And papain is present in papaya fruit. Both pure bromelain and papain are available, in concentrated form, at local health stores. Side note: Intestinal cancer is the most prevalent form of cancer in the USA. For carnivores (meat eaters), a slice of fresh pineapple several times per week will help to cleanse meat-waste from the large intestine. I am using 2400 GDU/500 mg strength bromelain capsules ($15/bottle). And also a bromelain/ papain/protease/amylase/catalase/lipase blend for inflammation recovery called Repair ($30/bottle). I'm taking about eight bromelain capsules daily. I also make a castor oil/bromelain compress for my foot, twice daily. Bromelain is the active ingredient in meat tenderizer, but many brands of meat tenderizer also contain harmful salt and sugar.

2. Echinacea. This famous natural herb stimulates the immune system. It is mentioned as a snake bite remedy in many older herb books. I am using 500 mg strength echinacea capsules ($15/bottle), and I'm taking about eight echinacea capsules daily.

3. Aloe Vera. This is, of course, is the most famous remedy for skin burns, skin inflammation, and abrasion. Taken internally, it helps detoxify the body. It is gentle, yet very effective and fast acting, to flush poisons from the body. I am using leaves from live aloe vera (externally), and also a quart of concentrated aloe vera extract (internally). I'm drinking about 6 ounces of aloe vera extract daily.

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*Disclaimer: This list is not endorsed or approved by Judy Hedding or About, Inc. It is a list of items that Mr. Moss used. Before using a snakebite kit or making any changes in your diet, it is recommended that you consult with your physician.

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