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Dugan's Dairy Farm

Milk a Cow at Dugan's Dairy Farm!


Dugan's Dairy Farm

Dugan's Dairy Farm

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UPDATE: At the end of the season in May 2006, Dugan's Dairy permanently closed their dairy to the public tours. The tradition of allowing children and families to see the inner workings of a family dairy farm is now continuing at Superstition Farm in Mesa.

Chandler is a quickly growing suburb of Phoenix. It is an unusual combination of modern residential and commercial growth combined with wide open spaces, horse property and agricultural activity. What other community can boast that it is the "high tech oasis of the Silicon Desert" at the same time as it attracts over 300,000 people to an Ostrich Festival? Where else would you find a new fashion mall, including a Nordstrom's, just a couple of miles down the road from several dairy farms? Yes, right here in Chandler, Arizona.

Dugan's Dairy Farm was built in 1976 by Richard and Claudia Dugan. He was the Mayor of Chandler from 1988 to 1992. The dairy is located on 80 acres of land and there are about 350 cows at the dairy. At Dugan's Dairy Farm there is one bull for every 20 to 25 cows (they do not use artificial insemination). Just about every cow is milked every day and each cow produces about 8-1/4 gallons of milk each day. The cows are always outside at Dugan's Dairy Farm, but shade is available and in the summer they are cooled with fans and misters to keep them comfortable.

One of the unique characteristics of Dugan's Dairy Farm is that they provide tours of the facility. Young and old alike can:

  • learn what a working dairy is like in a busy, high tech world. take a hayride.
  • ride through Dugan's Dairy Farm and meet the stars of the show: the cows.
  • see the cows being milked. They aren't really milked by hand any more.
  • milk a cow. By hand. Don't worry, someone will help you.
  • pet small farm animals. There are pigs, calves, chickens, bunnies, ducks (watch your fingers!), lambs and goats.
  • learn about veterinary techniques used on the dairy. Do you know how cows take aspirin?
  • browse the country store. If you need a cow thing of some sort, this is the place.

Dugan's Dairy Farm is located at 2471 South Dobson Road in Chandler, just south of Germann Rd.

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