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Best Places to Work: 2001

Employers in the 1 through 50 Rankings


Here is a list of the companies in the Phoenix area that appeared on Fortune's list of the "100 Best Companies to Work For". This list is presented in the order of the rank that the company achieved on the Fortune list. The company link I have provided is to the employment/career section of the company's website, if available. I will try to let you know what industry or types of jobs you might find at that company. Although I will not mention it, almost all companies have administrative positions, like finance and human resources. Then I will indicate what it was that set this company apart from others in making it a great place to work. Finally, if they were on the list last year, I Let you know.

Fortune compiles this list every year by interviewing employees of hundreds of companies nationwide. The survey asks employees to evaluate trust in management, pride in work and the company, and camaraderie.

If you are looking for a new career, one of these may be an option for you. Who knows--maybe next year you will be answering one of Fortune's questionnaires about your company!

Rank 4: Southwest Airlines

Pilots, customer service, ticket agents

Stock options, profit sharing, promotes fun

On list last year? Yes

Rank 5: Charles Schwab

IT jobs, brokers

Stock options, bonuses

On list last year? Yes

Rank 9: EdwardJones


Flex time, trips, high percentage of women

On list last year? Yes

Rank 18: Continental Airlines

Flight crew, cargo agents

Travel passes for families and companions

On list last year? Yes

Rank 19: Vision Service Plan

Programmers, craft workers

Pays 100% health insurance premiums

On list last year? Yes

Rank 21: Pella

In AZ retail workers only

No-layoff policy, profit sharing

On list last year? Yes

Rank 32: Deloitte & Touche

Accounting, tax

Work-life programs, high percentage women partners

On list last year? Yes

Rank 35: W.L. Gore & Associates

Engineers, operators

No titles, associates ranks teams, determine pay

On list last year? Yes

Rank 39: Merck


High ethics, many females

On list last year? Yes

Rank 42: Intel

Software engineers, technicians

Stock options, bonuses, profit sharing, computer

On list last year? Yes

Rank 43: Vanguard Group

Communication associates

Crew members can buy extra vacation

On list last year? No

Rank 48: LensCrafters

Optometrists, technicians

Company matches 3% of 401(k)

On list last year? Yes

Rank 49: MFS Investment Management

Transaction processors (no online job info)

All benefits paid

On list last year? Yes

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