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Call Centers

How To Apply For a Job at a Call Center


On the previous page of this feature I provided information about some of the many call centers that are located in the greater Phoenix area. Because call centers and operations centers are not open to the public, they can be a challenge to find. Sometimes, even if you find them, they are secured buildings and there's no way to get in to ask for an employment application. Here are some tips to help you do the research when you are considering applying for a job at a call center.


1. Visit the company's Web site.

If there is no obvious link to "Employment" or "Careers" or "Jobs" or "Working at...." find a link, usually all the way at the bottom of the page, that says "About Us" or "About Our Company." From that page you can usually find the employment page.



2. Search for jobs in Arizona.

It is common for many people at a call center to have positions that have the same job title, like Customer Service Rep. Sometimes companies will just leave that description on their Web site permanently because they always have openings for those jobs. The America West Airlines Web site is a good example of this. The position of Reservation Agent in Phoenix is always there, and you can see at the Web site that you must attend an information session to apply for that job.



3. Don't panic.

Do not be surprised if no jobs show up, even though you think there is a call center that has lots of people at the location. Sometimes companies don't include non-professional positions at the Web site employment page. Often call centers have their own Human Resources divisions that don't feed information to the webmaster. If this is the case, see if you can find any information from the Web site about the location of the call center. Bank of America is a good example of this. You will not find jobs for their Credit Card Center at the Bank of America Web site.



4. Use the phone book.

If you can't find out where the call center is located or how to apply for a call center job at the Web site, go to the phone book. Look up the company name. You may find many offices or branches of the company in the phone directory, but look for either a toll free number or a phone number for an administrative office.



5. Call the toll free number.

You may be calling the very call center where you'd like to apply! Work the voice response system until you can get a human on the phone. Sometimes this is as easy as pressing "0" or just holding on the line as if you don't have a touch-tone phone. Because large companies have call centers all over the country, ask the Customer Service Rep where they are physically located. If they are in Phoenix, ask how you can get an an application for employment there and for the street address, if you don't already have it. If they are located in another state, ask them for the toll free number for the Phoenix Call Center and make another call. Customer Service Reps are used to getting these calls, and usually have the information quite handy.


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