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Barrett-Jackson Classic Car Auction - 2014

World Renowned Scottsdale Company



At the Barrett-Jackson Classic Car Auction

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The Barrett-Jackson Auction Company is one of several classic car auction companies that conduct a public auction in Arizona each winter. At the Barrett-Jackson Classic Car Auction even the most serious collector will find enticements in the form of some of the most exclusive vehicles available at auction.

Enjoy this photo gallery of a previous event.

The Barrett-Jackson Collector Car Auction in Scottsdale will take place over eight days incorporating special events, displays and activities. The auction will feature more than 1,000 collector and special interest automobiles from all years being auctioned off at No Reserve, as well as daily "automobilia" auctions. Over 350 vendors and exhibitors will also be on hand.

The collector car market is, once again, alive and well! In 2013 the Scottsdale Barrett-Jackson Auction raised nearly $5 million for 20 local and national charitable causes. The collector car auction beat several records last year: largest number of No Reserve vehicles offered at one auction; largest-ever number of cars sold at a Barrett-Jackson auction; the largest offering of Shelby vehicles at one event; record attendance of 300,000 people. Each of the top ten cars were sold for more than $1 million. The Batmobile sold for $4.62 million.

What else happens at the Barrett-Jackson Classic Car Auction?

During the official car auction schedule, there are various exhibits, seminars and events that are offered at the Barrett-Jackson Classic Car Auction. One of the most popular is Barrett-Jackson Automobilia Auction with rare and one-of-a-kind automotive collectibles.

See the schedule of events here.

After 5 p.m. the auctions continue and end somewhere between 10 p.m. and midnight. The vendors are there, cars are on display, you'll see the live FOX broadcast.

Sunday, January 12, 2014 is Family Value Day. Free activities: Ford/GM Ride & Drive, Radio Disney,  Phoenix Zoo promotion, Shamrock Farms Calcium Plus Fat Free Milk will present the interactive Disney’s Magic of Health Living. 

Who attends the event?

You don't have to be a registered bidder to participate in this unique experience. More than 250,000 participants are expected to show up at WestWorld to take part in the event. Of those, about 2,500 are expected to be registered bidders, with the rest being spectators. The Barrett-Jackson Classic Car Auction attracts national and international visitors.

About Barrett-Jackson

Established in 1971 and headquartered in Scottsdale, AZ, Barrett-Jackson enjoys a unique reputation for its ability to value, market and consult in the classic car market to consistently achieve above-industry prices. The company’s name is synonymous with a luxury lifestyle and high-end classic and collector automobiles.

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