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College Football's Biggest Party - 2014

A Fiesta Bowl Tailgate Party, Brought to You by Tostitos


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In the past, the Fiesta Bowl organization held a huge block party in downtown Tempe on New Year's Eve. The Fiesta Bowl Block Party was one of the biggest block parties in the country. The Fiesta Bowl no longer hosts a New Year's Eve party in Tempe. Instead, the official Fiesta Bowl party will celebrate the game itself, and it will be held on the same day as the college football game. f you are interested in attending a block party in Tempe on New Year's Eve, here are those details

When is College Football's Biggest Party?

Wednesday, January 1, 2014 from 1 p.m. to 6 p.m.

Where is it?

It will be held in the North Orange parking lot of the University of Phoenix Stadium. Here's a map to the stadium. It is located in Glendale, Arizona, just west of Phoenix.

You can't get there by METRO Light Rail, but you might be able to get close by bus depending on where you are starting from. Try using the Valley Metro Trip Planner to see if that works for you.

The Arizona Department of Transportation usually provides detailed motorist information, including any travel or road restrictions, for this event. Call 5-1-1, then *7. The call is free.

What is the Fiesta Bowl Stadium Club?

On game day, VIP guests are invited to enjoy the festivities starting at 3 p.m. from an exclusive area within College Football's Biggest Party. This upgraded tailgate features big screen televisions and musical entertainment as well as a special pre-game meal and drinks. Stadium Club creates a game-day atmosphere with team spirited decor.

How do I get tickets and how much are they?

Tickets are on sale online. $30 per person gets you into the party and you also get a plated meal. Fiesta Bowl Stadium Club tickets are $100 each.

What happens at the College Football's Biggest Party?

It's a huge tailgate party! There will be pep rallies, performances by the university marching bands and cheerleaders, jumbotrons, interactive games, and food and beverage booths.

It's an outdoor party? What is the weather like?

Here are some weather statistics and tips that time of year.

I'm coming from out of town -- where should I stay?

Here are some recommended hotels in Glendale. You probably can walk to UOP Stadium from the hotels that are near 99th Avenue (addresses like 98XX West ...) or on Cabela Drive.

What else should I know?

As more information is released, I will add it here.

What if I have more questions?

Visit College Football's Biggest Party online.

Do you have pictures?

Not yet. The 2013 party is the inaugural event.

All dates, times, prices and offerings are subject to change without notice.

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