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Entertainment at the Arizona Renaissance Festival

Music, Mirth, Merriment, and Mischief - 2014


Entertainment at the Arizona Renaissance Festival
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When you first arrive at the Arizona Renaissance Festival it is best to pick up a Schedule of Events, and make a few plans. There may be some scheduled shows that are most important to you, like the Jousting Tournament, and you'll want to plan your day around those events.

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13 Stages of Entertainment

In 2014 a new stage is added! The Living Fountain performance will take place several times per day at Pan's Oasis.

All day long, from opening at 10 a.m. to close at 6 p.m., there are shows going on at the many stages of entertainment at the Arizona Renaissance Festival. Most shows are between 30 and 45 minutes in length, but you are free to come and go as you please. The focus for the stage shows at the Arizona Renaissance Festival is music, merriment, and mirth. Most of the shows are suitable for all ages. There are a few shows, however, that are noted in the schedule with a bold "LC" next to them. That denotes "Loose Cannon." That means that you can pretty much expect raunchy and lewd content, so if you don't appreciate that kind of humor, or you don't want to subject your kids to it, wander elsewhere.

Two of the performers that are Loose Cannons are perennial favorites of Arizona Renaissance Festival attendees. Zilch, the Torysteller is one. That's right. Torysteller. He stells the tories and you letter bisten carefully. He's pretty fast, and the comedy can be very subtle (even many adults don't get the jokes), so most children won't understand anyway. Then there's Ded Bob. How does one describe Ded Bob? I won't even try, but I will tell you that Ded Bob isn't quite a subtle as Zilch, and Ded Bob's humor will most certainly involve body parts. (Hey Audience!)

Did I forget to mention the Tortuga Twins? There are three of them. But that shouldn't surprise you...and they're all Loose Cannons.

Adam Crack will again appear at the 2014 Arizona Renaissance Festival. Last season, Adam, Whip Cracker Extraordinaire, set these two Guinness Records: Most flowers cracked from the mouth in a minute (44), and most candles extinguished in a minute (86). He holds none world records now -- who knows what he'll achieve at this year's faire!

Street Performers

Elaborately costumed performers and artisans roam the town's streets portraying historical and fanciful characters, and interacting with all the visitors. King Henry and his Royal Court, duelists and Ladies, musicians and even the Knights' chargers wear authentic garb from the Renaissance era.

What or who is the Green Man? Why are those women singing and washing clothes? Is that juggler following me? Is that a parade, or are we being attacked by evil Knights?

Jousting and Falconry

A day at the Renaissance Festival would not be complete without a visit to the King's Tournament Area to see the brave knights joust for royal recognition. Jousting is held three times daily in the King's Tournament Arena: 12 p.m., 2:30 p.m. and 5 p.m. At the Falconer's Heath see the birds-of-prey and enjoy an exhibition of falconry skills.

Games and Rides

There are contests and rides for people of all ages. Most of them require an additional fee. Prices are clearly posted, and cash is accepted, so there's no standing on additional lines for tickets. Some rides for the little ones are free. There are a few animal rides, and a petting zoo. The games here are a bit unusual! How about testing your skill at axe throwing? Or maybe you'd rather throw a tomato at an insulting peasant at Vegetable Justice. If you're with a friend that you'd like to embarrass, you can certainly get the job done at the Village Pillory: torture at a reasonable price.

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