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Arizona Renaissance Festival Marketplace

Food and Shops


Arizona Renaissance Festival Marketplace
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A variety of craftsmen, artisans and food purveyors are on hand at the Arizona Renaissance Festival to add to your merriment. There are demonstrations of weaving, armor-making, and other activities that were typical of the period. More than 200 vendors will be there to display and sell their wares. This is a great place to get unusual gifts, like goblets or swords.

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When you are ready to eat like the King himself, you'll find fare suited for royalty at the Arizona Renaissance Festival. The King's giant Roasted Turkey Legg is always a popular choice. Frankly, I seem to be drawn to foods that allow me to eat with one hand, so I can take pictures with the other hand. Naturally, then, my favorites were the Sausage on a Stick, and the Chocolate Covered Banana on a Stick. I couldn't find any diet soda on a stick. Maybe next year.

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