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Alice Cooper

Alice Cooper Lives and Works in the Phoenix Area


Alice Cooper

A gold record display of "School's Out" can be found at Alice Cooper'stown.

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Vincent Furnier became a Phoenician (a Phoenix resident) when he was 10 years old. He was a sickly child, and his family moved to Phoenix to help rid him of his bronchial asthma. He attended Squaw Peak Elementary and Madison No. 2 before beginning high school at Cortez, where he lettered in track for four straight years.

Although it has been many years since he changed his name to Alice Cooper, he is not solely defined by his trend-setting brand of rock 'n' roll. He has been married to the same woman, Sheryl, for more than 20 years. He has three children: Calico, Dashiell, and Sonora Rose. He is serious about his onstage career, but even more serious about his role as a husband and father. When his kids were younger, he was an active Little League and soccer coach.

Alice Cooper has other passions, too. One of them is the Solid Rock Foundation, which he describes as a Christian nonprofit organization to help inner city kids stay out of gangs and away from guns and drugs. His foundation raises up to $150,000 each year to benefit this cause. And then there's the other passion: golf. Alice is a popular and familiar sight at Pro-Am and benefit golf tournaments. He hosts his own charity golf tournament in Phoenix each April. When asked how he became involved in golf, Cooper describes a period in his life when all he did all day was drink and sit around hotel rooms with nothing to do. One day, his road manager convinced him to try golf and apparently he was a natural. With about a 4 handicap, he has had a few holes-in-one, and a few double eagles, of which he is very proud.

If you are trying to spot Alice Cooper around town, the best places are either Little League baseball games or the golf courses.

And one last thing about Alice Cooper, the Phoenician. When he is not on stage, he is actually an absolute Mr. Nice Guy. Everyone says so.

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