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Alice Cooper

Alice Cooper'stown is Alice Cooper's Restaurant


Alice Cooper

Kevin enjoys "The Big Unit", a hot dog named after Randy Johnson of the AZ Diamondbacks.

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Shock rocker Alice Cooper and Brian Weymouth, a restaurant consultant, would meet at the Little League games in Phoenix, coach the team and talk about the possibility of Cooper getting in the restaurant business. In December, 1998 Alice Cooper'stown opened in downtown Phoenix, near what was then Bank One Ballpark (now Chase Field) and the America West Arena (now US Airways Center). Named after the Baseball Hall of Fame, Alice Cooper's restaurant is described more as an entertainment complex, with video and sound systems, a video wall, outdoor scoreboard and an outdoor live music stage where impromptu jam sessions are not uncommon. Read my review of Alice Cooper'stown restaurant.

Alice Cooper is not only a rocker, he is an admitted sports fanatic. He has used Alice Cooper'stown to showcase his love of both worlds. Every inch of wall space in this large, open eating establishment is covered with either sports or rock 'n' roll memorabilia. Signed jerseys, autographed balls, opening day tickets, and classic sports photos share the space comfortably with Alice's concert photos, gold records and a fantastic collection of autographed Fender guitars.

Clearly Alice Cooper's restaurant was designed to cater to the sports crowd and the strategic location, within two blocks of where five professional sports teams play, was a good choice. The menu is definitely themed for sports, and includes the "Ty Cobb Salad", "Ryne Sanburger" and (don't forget the rock influence) "Megadeth Meatloaf". One of the most popular items on the menu is "The Big Unit". It's a two foot long hot dog that comes with the works. Named after Randy Johnson, the Cy Young Award winning pitcher, formerly with the Arizona Diamondbacks, who is also a partner in the business, sirens go off when someone orders one.

Visiting and local athletes can often be seen enjoying one of the barbecue specials. Alice Cooper, himself, is often there when he isn't away on tour, and does not hesitate to chat with his fans, sign autographs or suggest menu items.

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