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Miss Arizona

The Miss Arizona Pageant Leads to Miss America


Miss Arizona
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There are young women who imagine themselves as Olympic athletes. There are others who dream of starring in a Broadway musical. And then there are those whose goal is to accept the Miss America crown. How does it happen? Whom do you call to get in the pageant?

The first step is a local competition in a community within Arizona. The winners of these local competitions then compete for Miss Arizona. Miss Arizona goes on to the Miss America Pageant. Simple, eh? Well, besides looking the part, it also takes a great deal of hard work to compete for and win the title of Miss Arizona.

Local and state pageants throughout the country are run under the same guidelines, which change from time to time. There are various phases of competition for the Miss Arizona Pageant. For the Preliminaries:

  • Interview - 25% of final score. Each Miss Arizona contestant has an interview with the panel of judges.
  • Talent - 35% of final score. Live, on-stage talent, 2 minutes.
  • Evening wear - 20% of score. Includes an on-stage question.
  • Lifestyle and Fitness in Swimsuit - 15% of score.
  • During preliminaries, the final 5% will come from an over-all evaluation of the Miss Arizona contestant's on stage response to question(s).
During the final night competition,
  • the composite score from the preliminary competitions is worth 30% of the final score
  • Talent - 30%
  • Evening Wear - 20%
  • Lifestyle and Fitness in Swimsuit - 20%
Then, the top five finalists are named. Each judge ranks the top five in the order that he or she believes the contestants should finish. The totals on those judges' ballots determine the winner and the new Miss Arizona.

Each competitor chooses her own personal platform of community service - a chance to make a positive impact on America's youth. Three "Quality of Life" scholarships are awarded to contestants for their personal platform service work.

The Miss Arizona Pageant concentrates on talent, public speaking, community service, and physical fitness. According to Stephen Rich of the Miss Arizona Scholarship Foundation, "interested young women can work on all of these areas any time in their lives."

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