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Arizona Tax Forms and Filing - 2014

Arizona and Federal Tax Forms for Tax Year 2013


Arizona Tax Forms and Filing - 2014

If you earned income from an Arizona source, you are probably required to file a tax return in Arizona. Here are some valuable resources for you if you are filing tax returns for Arizona for last year, or any previous year.

Get Arizona Tax Forms Online

In Arizona you can no longer order income tax forms to have them mailed to you. You can get Arizona tax forms from the current and previous years at the Arizona Department of Revenue website. Just select the type of forms you are looking for, then select the year.

Because the starting point for your Arizona tax return is your adjusted gross income, as defined by the calculations on your federal return, you'll have to complete that one first in order to start completing your Arizona tax forms.

Get Federal Tax Forms Online

You can obtain Federal tax forms from the current and previous years at the IRS web site.

eFile in Arizona

You can certainly file your Arizona tax return electronically if you are willing to pay a fee, but if you meet certain criteria with respect to income, you might be able to eFile your Arizona tax return for free. Not only does it save on postage, but if your forms are complete and accurate you'll get any refund faster. I get mine in about a week when I eFile.

Need to File Tax Returns in Multiple States?

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