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How To Determine if You Are Eligible to Apply For U. S. Citizenship


If you are considering becoming a U.S. citizen, the U.S. Federal Government has eligibility requirements.  If you meet the following qualifications, you may be able to apply for citizenship based on permanent residency.
Difficulty: Average
Time Required: 5 minutes

Here's How:

  1. You are over 18 years old.
  2. You have been a permanent resident of the U.S., with a Resident Card, for 5 years continuously without leaving for long periods of time.
  3. You can read, write, and speak basic English. (Age or disability may allow exemption of this requirement.)
  4. You must pass a civics exam.
  5. You must be able to swear to be of good moral character.
  6. If male, you must have complied with the Selective Service requirements.
  7. If male, you have never deserted the armed forces.
  8. If male, you have never been discharged from armed services for being an alien.
  9. If male, be willing to serve in the armed forces, if eligible and required.
  10. You must certify that you will uphold the Constitution of the U.S.
  11. You must take an oath of allegiance to the U.S.
  12. If married, you have been married to a U.S. citizen for at least 3 years, and the spouse has been a citizen for more than 3 years.


  1. These are general guidelines only.
  2. If (a) you are under 18 years old, (b) your spouse has died serving in U.S. Armed Forces, or (c) you have served active duty in U.S. Armed Forces, different eligibility rules apply.
  3. If your spouse is a U.S. citizen and (a) works for the U.S. government, (b) is a member of the clergy, or (c) is a member of the U.S. Armed Forces, different eligibility rules apply.

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