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How To Pronounce Common Arizona Words


There are many words that have either Mexican or Indian influence here. Learning how to pronounce them will allow you to speak like a native Arizonan.
Difficulty: Easy
Time Required: Not too long

Here's How:

  1. Phoenician - I am one, and you're trying to speak like one. Pronounced: fun-ee-shun
  2. Saguaro - large cactus, often with arms, found only in the Sonoran Desert of Arizona and Mexico. State flower. Pronounced: suh-wah-roe
  3. Cholla - a cactus. There are many different varieties. Don't get too close. Ouch! Pronounced: choy-ah
  4. Ocotillo - a tall spiny cactus that gets red tips in the spring. Pronounced: oh-cat-tee-yo
  5. Gila monster - a lizard, about two feet long when fully grown. Pronounced: hee-lah
  6. Javelina - often mistaken for a wild pig, it is found in desert areas. It's a collared peccary (Pecari tajac). Don't try to make friends. Pronounced: have-a-leen-a
  7. Mesquite - Various shrubs or small trees. Popular wood for fireplaces, since it burns slowly and doesn't smoke. Pronounced: mess-keet
  8. Yucca - various types of desert plants, mostly with long pointy leaves. Pronounced: yuk-uh


  1. Sometimes 'saguaro' is spelled 'sahuaro'. It's pronounced the same.
  2. Generally speaking, if you come across two 'L's in a row, they'll be pronounced like a 'Y' sound. In the case of 'saguaro' and 'Juan', the 'gu' and 'ju' are pronounced like a 'W'.
  3. Sometimes, when you come across a 'G' or 'J' it will be pronounced like an 'H'.
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