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Greater Phoenix: Deciding Where to Live

Choosing a Neighborhood in Phoenix


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  1. Distance to Other Places
    If you like to water ski or have a boat, proximity to a lake may be important to you. If you enjoy going up to northern Arizona to enjoy the red rocks of Sedona or to hit the slopes in the Flagstaff area, you'll want to live in the northern part of town. If you enjoy going to Rocky Point, Mexico for the weekend, or to Tucson, or you will be visiting a loved one in Safford's State Prison, you might want to live in the southern part of town. If you travel to Palm Springs a couple of times a year, maybe you should situate near I-10. I think you get the point. If there are specific places that you'll be traveling from your home base, it only makes sense to cut down your travel time by more than an hour by locating in the appropriate part of town.

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  2. Buying a Home
    Do you want a brand new home in a gated community with amenities and activities? Do you want an older home that is not a cookie-cutter-type subdivision home? Do you want a home in an historic neighborhood? Do you want a home in an empty-nest community, like a retirement community or an adult resort living community where no children are permitted? Do you want acreage or horse property? I have lots of questions, but not many answers! You can find it all in metro Phoenix, but if you are looking for a specific type of home or community, that will help to narrow your search.

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  3. Safety
    Everyone wants to live in a safe neighborhood. You can find crime just about everywhere, but some areas are more prone to violent crimes than others. For instance, it will not be a surprise to area residents that the Maryvale section of Phoenix has had more violent crimes than other areas. This area has a reputation for gang activity. Almost every city in the metro Phoenix area has crime statistics that you can use to aid in making your decision.

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  4. It Just Feels Good
    There are so many neighborhoods to consider. To make it more confusing, there are areas that look exactly alike, with the same stores and restaurants and amenities but on opposite sides of town. There are areas that are older with more charm, and those that are newer and cleaner. There are places that still have horse property and acreage, and there are new condo and loft apartments in urban centers. I always recommend, if possible, that people rent first to afford themselves time to become acquainted with the area and find the neighborhood that just feels good. Yes, it probably means moving twice, and putting some of your belongings in storage. But isn't that better than investing in a home in a part of town that you don't like?

Now, your job is to take these criteria and put them in the order that is most important to you. Prioritize. Then print out a map and narrow down your search to those areas that meet your family's needs. When you have some of these items broken down, it may be useful to post any specific questions you might have in the Phoenix Forum.

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