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Pappadeaux Seafood Kitchen

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Two Pound Lobster at Pappadeaux Seafood

Two Pound Lobster at Pappadeaux Seafood Kitchen

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The Bottom Line

We had 2 appetizers, 4 entrées, 2 desserts. The bill, before tax and tip, and not including beverages, came to about $36 per person. With wine, a couple of soft drinks and a couple of espressos, about $48 each. Maybe we won't eat there everyday (or eat as much as we did!) but we would certainly return to Pappadeaux for another special meal out.

About six years later, two of us shared two appetizers, a soup, a salad, two entrees and two desserts. That was way too much food, and we took some home. Excluding beverages, tax and tip the total came to about $40 per person. Still reasonable.


  • Fresh lobster and seafood without an attitude
  • Central location, good for west-siders


  • A chain restaurant, but there's only one in AZ
  • Noisy atmosphere


  • Pappadeaux is a cajun-influenced restaurant.
  • Portions are large, and take home containers are common.
  • They do some cracking before they serve lobster, so it isn't quite so difficult to get at the meat.
  • The rice & veggies were good, but when we eat lobster those are pretty much a waste of table space!
  • Pappadeaux has a courtyard and fountain, with a bandstand outside. Outdoor seating is available.
  • The interior decor is dark and modern, with an emphasis on fun. There's a large bar area.
  • Service was attentive and pleasant. There were many servers on duty; Pappadeaux seemed well-staffed.
  • Lobsters range in size from about 1 lb to about 3-1/2 lbs.
  • Bring the kids!
  • Pappadeaux is located in Phoenix just off the Black Canyon Highway (I-17) near Peoria. Open 7 days, lunch and dinner.

Guide Review - Pappadeaux Seafood Kitchen

We ventured out to Pappadeaux (pronounced: pa-pa-doe) in search of a few good lobsters. We found them at Pappadeaux. Before we got those big guys, though, the four of us thought we'd try the most popular appetizer on the menu, Fried Alligator. Two portions were plenty for the four of us. I had never eaten alligator before, and the flavor was somewhat overwhelmed by the batter and hot sauce. Does it taste like fish? Like chicken? I'm still not sure, but it was tender and pleasant. The bibs and lobster utensils arrived shortly thereafter along with the two pound lobsters. The meal comes with a hefty portion of dirty rice and broccoli with hollandaise sauce. I ordered the Pappadeaux mixed seafood platter. It included shrimp, stuffed crab and lots more, all deep fried, but I enjoyed it.

Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the juicy and very flavorful lobsters. Definitely a thumbs up. For dessert the four of us shared a creme brulee, probably the best I have had in the valley so far, and a wonderful bread pudding.

Update: When this review was originally written in 2002, Pappadeaux offered an all you can eat lobster meal for about $30. People who are lined up at the door to get in, and th waits were very long. They no longer offer that special.

On a subsequent visit in 2008, we found the food equally enjoyable. The Alligator appetizer ($8) was moist, tender, and not overly breaded. Greek Salad ($9) isn't traditional, but nicely prepared tableside. The Crabmeat and Spinach Dip ($12) will not be my choice on the next visit, but both the Shrimp Etouffee ($19) and the Stuffed Shrimp ($15) are recommended. We didn't enjoy the Bread Pudding ($3) as much as at the first visit, but things change. The Chocolate Turtle Brownie ($7) wasn't really a brownie, but it was good!

All dates, times, prices and offerings are subject to change without notice.(2002, 06/08)

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