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Chicago Cubs at Cubs Park

Spring Training Baseball With the Chicago Cubs



Cubs Park in Mesa, AZ

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The Chicago Cubs play Spring Training Baseball at Cubs Park in Mesa, AZ. Cubs games usually have higher attendance than any other Cactus League games in Arizona.

Cubs Park Address:
2330 W. Rio Salado Parkway
Mesa, AZ 85201


How do I get there?

Here's a map and directions.

What is the schedule for the Chicago Cubs Spring Training games?

Here is the current schedule.

How do I buy tickets?

Check here to see when tickets for the Cubs Spring Training games go on sale. You can purchase Cubs tickets:

  1. Online.
  2. By phone at 800-843-2827.
  3. In person at the Box Office.(Game day tickets at the box office may be higher priced.)
  4. If they are sold out, from a reputable ticket broker like TicketsNow.com (Buy Direct).
  5. If they are sold out, from scalpers/ticket exchanges. Note: beware of fake tickets!

See a Seating Chart of Cubs Park

Do you have any pictures?

Yes, I do! Here are photos from the inaugural season at Cubs Park, 2014.

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