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Lawn Ornaments of the Southwest
Donkey Lawn Ornaments

People in the Phoenix area, being keenly aware of the desert environment in which they live, often do not plant lawns and flower beds in their front yards. Instead they have what is called "desert landscaping" which usually includes rocks and drought resistant plants, like cacti. Sometimes, people will try to spruce up the look of the yard by including lawn ornaments that may add color or whimsy. Here is a selection of lawn ornaments especially devoted to our friend the donkey. Why? Just because.

You may vote for your favorite donkey lawn ornament at the bottom of the page. Enjoy!

#1  Smooth White Donkey With Cart

#2  Siesta Time

#3  I Don't Want To Go

#4  Donkey With Ornate Cart and Flowers

#5  Gray and Teal Donkey With Cart

#6  Little Comical Donkey With Cart

#7  White Donkey With Blue Saddle 
and Flowers in Cart

#8  Donkey, Cart and Covered Wagon

All donkey lawn ornament photos © 2000 Judy Hedding.  
These photos may be used with copyright attribution 
and link back to Phoenix at About.com.

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