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Phoenix Metro Map

Map of the Cities of Maricopa County

This map of central Maricopa County shows where most of the cities and towns that comprise Greater Phoenix are located. The purpose of this map is simply to indicate the general directions and relationships of the various cities in metro Phoenix to one another. So, for instance, if you are visiting relatives in Surprise in the northwest part of town, you'll note by looking at the map that staying in Chandler might not be the most convenient location! The boundaries on this map are not precise, nor is it drawn to scale. It is intended simply to provide visual assistance when you are looking for a hotel or motel in the Greater Phoenix area.

For more assistance with determining distances of our various cities and towns from each other, you can also check the tables of driving times and distances for the Phoenix area. Those tables also include distances to popular driving destinations outside Phoenix, like Sedona, Tucson, Grand Canyon and Rocky Point in Mexico.

If you hover your mouse over various parts of the map, you can click on hotspots to find a list of hotels in that area.

Maricopa County Map (Greater Phoenix without Pinal County)

Based upon a map provided courtesy of the 
Maricopa Association of Governments

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