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Buffalo Wild Wings

Review of Buffalo Wild Wings Grill & Bar in Phoenix, Arizona

About.com Rating four out of Five

Buffalo Wild Wings - What I Liked

  • Not just wings
  • Portions are large
  • 14 wing sauce choices

Buffalo Wild Wings - Be Aware

  • Noisy
  • Real flatware, but food is served on paper plates or plastic baskets
Buffalo Wild Wings

Big Jack Daddy Burger at Buffalo Wild Wings © Judy Hedding

Buffalo Wild Wings - The Mood

Buffalo Wild Wings is a sports bar; different sizes of television sets take up just about every inch of overhead space here. It is casual, good for families, for friends going out to watch the game, and couples who like sports out on a casual date.

Buffalo Wild Wings - The Damages

Three of us has lunch at Buffalo Wild Wings.  We had a flatbread, a burger and two combo meals (we shared one of these instead of ordering an appetizer). The bill, before beverages, tax and tip, came to about $44, or almost $15 per person. We couldn't finish all the food.

My Review of Buffalo Wild Wings

If it is a game day, be prepared for the noise at Buffalo Wild Wings. I'm not sure how many different games were being televised and shown there when we went, but the sound didn't seem to be muted on any of them, and the people talking over the TV noise made it a pretty loud place. The lunch and dinner menus are the same at Buffalo Wild Wings. There are appetizers ($5 to $11)and wings in various denominations (about $9 for a dozen).  ribs and popcorn shrimp are available in a series of combination plates. Burgers, wraps, sandwiches and salads are all less than ten bucks. If you're thirsty for a beer with your wings, they serve about 30 kinds.

I was pleasantly surprised at our Buffalo Wild Wings experience. I was torn between ordering the Pulled Pork Sandwich and a burger. Guess what? They offer pulled pork on a burger. I kid you not. The Big Jack Daddy Burger, pictured above, comes with a couple of onions rings and their honey BBQ sauce on top of a pile of pulled pork, piled precariously atop a burger. Delicious! We tried both the traditional and the boneless wings. I've had plumper traditional wings elsewhere, but they were tasty and cooked properly, still moist. We opted for Spicy Garlic on those wings, and I'd give that sauce a thumbs up. Boneless wings are for wimps. That's me, since I don't necessarily like having the traditional ones right before I go somewhere where they will frown on orange fingernails. One of my friends doesn't care for anything hot, so we went with the Parmesan Garlic sauce on those. They were good, but I'd rather have either Asian Zing or something hotter on mine. The Chicken Tenders and Popcorn Shrimp Combo ($12) was a friend's meal choice. A fried food lover's dream, those little shrimp were plentiful and could I could even discern the shrimp flavor in all that breading. They had a special menu item on this day, a selection of three flatbreads with chicken and various sauce flavors. My other friend ordered one with chicken, celery, BBQ sauce mixed with blue cheese ($8.50). Not a traditional flatbread crust, it was more like BBQ on a tortilla. Honestly, it tasted a lot better than it looked and left a light, pleasant burn in my mouth. We'd order it again, maybe as an appetizer. 

Buffalo Wild Wings has four sides on the menu, three of which are potatoes. The 4th is fried onion rings. The Buffalo Chips are really small potato slices. There were soggy with oil, not at all crisp as indicated in the menu and we left most of those on our plates. The Potato Wedges were much better, even though there is a charge to substitute them. Vegetarian, or just want a vegetable? Side salad is about it. You'll have to ask them to create something without meat for you.

I am not a fan of eating on a paper plate or out of a plastic basket, but at least the flatware here isn't plastic -- they give you real forks and knives. The portions are large, and we took food home with us. Aside from sports, there are trivia games and special promotions on various nights of the week. Buffalo Wild Wings is a national chain. Some of the locations in the Phoenix area are franchises and some are corporate owned.

Oh, and one more thing. The Buffalo Wild Wings web site is a lot of fun. I probably wasted, er, I mean, spent more time there than I've ever spent on a restaurant web site.

Where to Find Buffalo Wild Wings:
Locations in Gilbert, Goodyear, Mesa, Phoenix, Surprise.

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Date of review: November 2008. 
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