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Crazy Otto's

Review of Crazy Otto's in Phoenix, Arizona

About.com Rating four out of Five

Crazy Otto's - What I Liked

  • Breakfast available from open to close
  • Large portions
  • Friendly atmosphere
  • Kids/Seniors menu

Crazy Otto's - Be Aware

  • Open for breakfast and lunch only
  • Diner-like
  • No desserts

Crazy Otto's © Judy Hedding

Crazy Otto's - The Mood
The ambiance at Crazy Otto's is definitely "timeless diner." There are no pretenses here. Simple table, chairs and booths, license plates and photos of humongous omelets on the wall. Who are you most likely to see here? Families, ladies getting together for brunch, big guys and gals who love large portions.

Crazy Otto's - The Damages

At first glance the prices at Crazy Otto's seem a bit high for items like eggs. Before you order, however, make sure you understand what you are getting. That full order of ham & cheese omelet with hash browns and biscuits and gravy for $9 has six eggs in it! During my visit I ordered a hamsteak & eggs breakfast, a pancake on the side, and a burger with onion rings. That came to about $20.

My Review of Crazy Otto's

Crazy Otto's is located in a not-so-pretty strip mall in northwest Phoenix. You might drive past the place every day and never notice that it's there. The exterior makes you second guess your decision to eat here, but be brave and walk in.

Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day, so I felt right at home at Crazy Otto's. The menu is large for a breakfast/sandwich place. More than 15 omelet variations are listed in the menu, and something tells me they'll make anything you want if they have the ingredients. Egg dishes can be accompanied by bacon, ham steak, pork chops, corned beef hash, country fried steak, burger, machaca, chorizo or top sirloin. On weekends and holidays you can have Prime Rib (10 oz or 14 oz) and Eggs.

Ham & Eggs at Crazy Otto's © Judy Hedding

The potatoes aren't your usual hash browns, being slightly thicker shredded fresh potatoes, and twice the portion you'd get at IHOP. They were relatively unseasoned, however, so if you can handle a little heat ask for their home-made salsa to spice it up. I'm guessing that the ham steak that came with my eggs was about 10 oz. of lean meat. I took half the potatoes and half the ham home with me! Unfortunately, they were out of biscuits near closing time. Darn.

Breakfast offerings also include pancakes, French toast and Belgian waffles. I asked to try an order of pancakes, and I got a strange look from the server. He strongly suggested that I order just one pancake. One pancake? Well, that pancake was about 12 inches in diameters. Just that pancake would be a breakfast for two at my house. When ordering, you might take the portion sizes into account and plan to share.

Since I was there at lunchtime I ordered a 1/2 pound Avocado Jackburger ($7.75) with onion rings (extra $2). The burger had all the fixin's already piled on and was automatically served medium-well, but I would recommend it. The onion rings were of the thick-cut, heavily breaded variety.

A full array of sandwiches is on the menu, so next time I'll probably try the roast beef, Philly cheese steak or pastrami. That is, if I can get past the breakfast menu. If you are dieting, you can have fresh fruit, cottage cheese, or select a salad from the light menu.

Crazy Otto's is a franchise, but there's only one in this town. They are open seven days per week for breakfast and lunch.

Where to Find Crazy Otto's:
3502 W. Greenway Road
Phoenix, Arizona 85053


Crazy Otto's Web Site

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Date of review: March 2009.
All dates, times, prices and offerings are subject to change without notice.

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