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Chase Field Seating Chart

Seat Map for Chase Field in Downtown Phoenix

Chase Field is located in downtown Phoenix at 401 E. Jefferson (map to Chase Field). The Arizona Diamondbacks MLB Baseball Club plays at Chase Field. The stadium is home to other events from time to time, including concerts and special exhibitions. The stadium seats just under 50,000 people -- it's a big place, and the seats in the upper deck are pretty far away from the action!

My favorite sections are definitely those in the second level (200s), indicated in blue, below. That is the same as the Suite Level. It is much less crowded than the main concourse, and if you are parking in the connecting garage there is a walkway bridge directly to that level only for people who have tickets there. There's a great bar on that level where you can watch the game as well as whatever other sports are being shown on TV. The seats are roomier and food service is offered right at the seats if you don't want to leave to go to the concession stands. The downside to seats on that level is that the food choices are much more limited at the concessions here. You can always go down to the main concourse for some of the more "interesting" food choices!

In this graphic, batters face north.

The Box Office for Chase Field is at the same location, on the main Plaza.

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Chase Field

Chase Field Seating Chart

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