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Landscape Watering
By the Numbers

More than half the water we use at our homes is going into our yards in the form of landscape watering. That means that one of the best ways to conserve water is to have better control of the watering of our lawns and plants. Not only will better water management of our landscaping help to save a very precious resource - water - but it will give us healthier plants, shrubs and grass.

Various cities in the greater Phoenix area have gotten together to produce a booklet entitled "Landscape Watering by the Numbers." The booklet is broken down into three sections:

  1. How to determine how much water your plants need.
    This section provides tools to help you understand deep watering, how wide to water, and discusses over watering, soil probes and fertilizers, which use more water.
  2. How to measure the amount of water being emitted by your watering system.
    This section explains how to measure the sprinkler output on your lawn, and how to measure the output of drips and bubbler.
  3. How to determine how much water your plants and grass need.
    Various worksheets are provided to help you figure out how often and how much water to apply. Discusses trees and shrubs as well as grass, and provides general seasonal watering guidelines.

Throughout the brochure there are tips and tidbits of information that can assist you to have more efficient landscaping. There is even a handy plastic Landscape Watering Guidelines card that you can keep with the controller of your watering system to remind you when to change the watering schedule.

So how much is this informative booklet? It's free! You can get this great booklet at many City offices around town, or you can send an email to the appropriate city Water Conservation Office and they will mail one to you.  Click here for a list of contact offices.

Conserving water is important. Enjoying your home's landscaping is important. You can achieve both, with the help of this brochure. Get your copy now!

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