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Product Summary
Best Easy Day Hikes - Phoenix
Guide Rating -  
Pros  •  Includes posted restrictions
•  Good "finding the trailhead" instructions
•  Small enough to fit in your backpack 
Cons  •  All the hikes are local, but not all are easy.
The Bottom Line - Black & white straightforward guide. Very reasonably priced book about Phoenix area hiking trails.

Product Description
•  Day hikes for people living in or visiting the Phoenix metro area.
•  Includes well-known and lesser known trails.
•  Includes elevations.
Guide Review
There's a Trail Nearby
Falcon Books published many books of this type in mostly the same format. Cheaper priced books, a few black & white photos and maps. Hikes vary from half hour walks to full day hikes. Not all are at the easy level, despite the title of the book. Hiking the trails in this book would give anyone a wonderful insight into the beauty of the Phoenix area.
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