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Brief History of Arizona From Territory to Statehood - Phoenix
Read a brief overview of Arizona history, from Arizona Territory to Arizona Statehood.
Arizona State University Historical Timeline - Phoenix - About.com
An act of the Thirteenth Legislative Assembly of Arizona Territory establishes the Territorial Normal School in Tempe. February 8, 1886. The Territorial Normal ...
Visit the Pioneer Living History Museum in North Phoenix AZ
Visit the Pioneer Living History Village to learn about territorial Arizona, located about 30 miles north of downtown Phoenix.
Geography of Arizona - Facts About the 48th State
Jul 24, 2010 ... 2) In 1863, Arizona became territory after New Mexico seceded from the Union two years earlier. The new Arizona Territory consisted of the ...
The Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo: History & Implications
As part of the agreement, Mexico ceded vast territories to the USA, including ... Mexico ceded all of California, Nevada and Utah and parts of Arizona, New ...
US Boundary History - Geography
The original country consisted of thirteen states and territory that extended west ... between the U.S. and Mexico resulted in the purchase of Arizona, California, ...
William Owen Buckey ONeil- Rough Rider - American History
His life began February 2, 1860, not in the Arizona Territory but much further east. Three places can lay claim to this great man: St. Louis, Missouri, Washington, ...
Ten Facts About the Mexican-American War - Latin American History
... Nevada and Utah and parts of Colorado, Arizona, Wyoming and New Mexico ... Mexico lost roughly half of its national territory and the USA gained its vast ...
Phoenix Facts - Phoenix Trivia - Arizona Trivia - About.com
Trivia and tidbits about Phoenix and the State of Arizona. ... They were used to prevent California from encroaching on Arizona territory. The name Arizona ...
The Zimmermann Telegram of 1917 - World War I History
... the United States, Mexico was promised the return of territory lost during the Mexican-American War (1846-1848), including Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona,  ...
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