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Surviving Summer in Phoenix - About.com
Greater Phoenix residents know that summer lasts about 5 months, and much of the time the temperature is over 100 degrees!
Summer Specials at Phoenix Resorts - About.com
Take advantage of great rates on short summer stays at local Phoenix resorts.
Close Up Your Phoenix Home for the Summer - About.com
Here are some things you need to remember to do if you will be closing up your Phoenix home in the summer. Snowbirds who live in the Phoenix desert during ...
Keeping Cool in Phoenix, AZ - Things to Do in Summer
Although the summer brings warm temperatures in Greater Phoenix, visitors can take advantage of a wide variety of “cool” entertainment options, including water  ...
Summer Lawns: Watering Tips and Schedule in Phoenix - About.com
If you have a lawn in the Phoenix area, you should know how long and how often to water the grass for the best lawn ... Get a watering schedule for summer grass.
Dogs and Hot Weather - Phoenix - About.com
I receive many questions about living with a dog in the desert. Certainly, many Phoenix area residents have dogs as pets, but living in a region where summer ...
Closing Up Your Desert Home for the Summer - Phoenix - About.com
Here are some things you need to remember to do one or two weeks before closing up your Phoenix home in the summer. Snowbirds who live in the Phoenix  ...
Educational Summer Camps in Phoenix and Scottsdale Arizona ...
These Arizona summer camps focus on educational issues for young people. Some of them may help to prepare for specific careers, and some may be more ...
2014 Summer Concerts in Phoenix, Arizona - About.com
See which bands will be performing at summer concerts in Phoenix, Arizona on their 2014 summer tours.
How Much is Your Monthly Electric Bill in Phoenix Arizona?
We moved from a colder climate last so for our first summer in Phoenix we kept the a/c at 76. We live in a 3000 sq ft wood frame stucco, two story house.
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