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DUI in Arizona - Drunk Driving in Phoenix - About.com
If you get pulled over for DUI in Arizona, here are some things you need to know.
DUI in Arizona - Phoenix - About.com
Find out what will happens if you are stopped for DUI, or driving under the influence, in Arizona.
DUI Sentencing and Fines - Phoenix - About.com
Find out what the required sentencing guidelines are for a DUI convction in Arizona, including jail time and fines.
Stopped for DUI in Arizona – Arrest and Questioning After a Phoenix ...
Am I required to answer questions that the police ask I am stopped for DUI in Arizona? Should I refuse to answer questions?
DUI in Arizona - Courts, Sentencing & Mandatory Jail Time - Phoenix
Sep 11, 2013 ... Information about courts, sentencing and mandatory jail time relating to DUI convictions in Arizona. Page 3.
Stopped for DUI in Arizona – The End of the Arrest Phase ... - Phoenix
If I am arrested or cited for DUI in Arizona, is my license automatically suspended ?
Should I Fight DUI Even If I was Drunk - Phoenix - About.com
Obviously, in my opinion, option three is the unacceptable option. DUI is an extremely complicated fact specific type of criminal case. Anyone charged with DUI ...
Stopped for DUI in Arizona – Should I Refuse a Field ... - Phoenix
The officer will conduct the famous (or infamous) Field Sobriety Test or FSTs. These are standardized tests that are said to be effective in detecting alcohol or ...
Stopped for DUI in Arizona – Should I Take a Breath Test ... - Phoenix
A breath or blood test will be administered. A common question that I am asked is , “What if I refuse?” Refusing either test is a bad idea. Unlike the Field Sobriety ...
Stopped for DUI in Arizona – If You Are Not Licensed to ... - Phoenix
I am stopped for DUI in Arizona but my license is from another state, what happens to my license?
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