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Bowling Tips, Techniques and Resources
Learn how to bowl strikes, pick up spares, score a game or choose a bowling ball with these instructions, tutorials and information.
Bowling Myths - The Truths About Bowling Misconceptions
Most myths have a semblance of truth to them, and that's no different in bowling. However, many people believe certain things to be absolute truths when that's ...
Bowling Pins - Information and Facts - About.com
Bowling pins don't get much respect—their sole purpose is to be viciously knocked down by a heavy sphere. But just what are we aiming at? Here are some ...
Bumper Bowling Invention and Effect on Bowling - About.com
Bumper bowling involves blocking the gutters from a lane, meaning people of all ages and abilities have a legitimate chance to knock down pins and enjoy a ...
Bowling Equipment - Bowling Balls, Shoes, and ... - About.com
Learn all about bowling equipment - why some bowling balls work better in certain situations than others, why some bowlers use gloves and some use tape and ...
Bowling Styles - Common Techniques and Methods For Bowlers
There are many different types of bowling styles, and it's often hard to categorize a bowler's particular method. That doesn't stop us from trying, though. Here are ...
Reactive Resin Bowling Balls and Cover Stocks - About.com
An overview of reactive-resin cover stocks and bowling balls.
Plastic and Polyester Cover Stock Bowling Balls - About.com
An overview of plastic and polyester cover stocks and bowling balls.
Urethane Cover Stock Bowling Balls Overview - About.com
An overview of urethane cover stocks and bowling balls.
Bowling - Common Techniques and Styles
There are many different types of bowling styles, and it's often hard to categorize a bowler's method. Here are some of the most common bowling styles.
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