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Jenna Jameson

Famous Porn Star Lived in Scottsdale


Jenna Jameson Picture

Jenna Jameson in October, 2004

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Many say that Jenna Jameson is the world's premiere female porn star. She has appeared on television and in more than 1,000 mainstream magazine articles. She has been on more than 400 magazine covers. Born in 1974, Jenna began modeling nude for men's magazines at 18, and began her career in adult movies at 20. According to Rolling Stone, Jenna Jameson is the actress who "put the star in porn star." In one magazine interview, it indicated that Jenna "enjoys shopping, water skiing and sex, but not necessarily in that order!" Jenna Jameson moved to Scottsdale in 1998, and says that she loves it. The only down side to living in Arizona, according to Jenna, is the lack of haute couture. (Actually, that's one of the things I like about Arizona!)

Jenna Jameson started her company called ClubJenna, Inc. in 2000. She was the President and CEO of the company. ClubJenna is an adult entertainment company.

In 2003 Jenna Jameson married Jay Grdina (known as Justin Sterling in the adult films he made). They lived in Scottsdale.

In 2004, Jenna Jameson published her autobiography, How To Make Love Like a Porn Star.

In 2006 Jenna and Jay Grdina split up, but she is still owns Babe's Cabaret in Scottsdale. In that same year, she sold ClubJenna to Playboy.

Do you want to know more about Jenna Jameson? I've put together some snippets for you that should give you a good profile of Jenna Jameson, the porn star and the person. If you're looking for links to porn videos or nude photos, sorry--you won't find them here. You'll have to find those on your own!

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