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April Fool's Day

From time to time I just can't resist the urge to write an article for April Fool's Day that is relevant to people living in the Phoenix, Arizona area. No matter how they are identified as jokes, some people still believe them!

New Skyscraper in Phoenix
A new 120-story skyscraper will be built in downtown Phoenix, Arizona.

Giant Scorpion Discovered
A giant scorpion was discovered in Scottsdale, and residents are worried about where its mate might be.

New Resident Surcharge
The Arizona Legislature has passed a bill which assesses a surcharge on individuals moving to Arizona. (By the way, this feature was an April Fool joke....)

Rubber Soled Shoes Melt in the Phoenix Heat
How hot does it get in Phoenix? You may end up stuck to the pavement when your shoes melt.

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