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Pale Windscorpion or Pale Sun Spider

Scorpions of Phoenix


The Pale Windscorpion (or Pale Sun Spider) are scorpion-like arachnids that are nocturnal and found in dry, arid parts of the world including Arizona.
Pale Windscorpion or Pale Sun Spider

This pale windscorpion (order: Solifugae, species: Eremobates pallipes) was in Bullhead City, AZ. It is also called a pale sun spider. Windscorpions are very fast, and they use their strong jaws to capture prey (insects and small lizards).

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According to Kari J McWest, Senior Editor, American Tarantula Society, "solpugids" like the Pale Windscorpion have absolutely no venom, although bites from them might hurt.

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