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Scorpion Sting on a Leg

Redness After a Scorpion Sting


If you have taken a photo of an Arizona scorpion (or your hand or foot after having been stung by a scorpion) and you'd like to submit the picture to this photo gallery, here's how you do it.
Redness following a scorpion sting

Redness following a scorpion sting.

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From the photographer: "I work for the Texas Department of Transportation. This thursday i was bite by a scorpion while doing trafficcontrol. I was looking on line to see if it was a scorpion bite when i seen your pictures. I have ice on my leg right now. After seeing your article i just wanted to share with you on what happend. Hopfuly the bite wont get worse."

[Editor's Note: the area of your scorpion sting might not look like this one!]

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