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Tiger Rattlesnake (Venomous) and King Snake (Nonvenomous)

Maricopa County Snakes


If you have taken a photo of a snake in Maricopa County (Greater Phoenix area) and you'd like to submit the picture to this photo gallery, here's how you do it.
King Snake eating Tiger Rattlesnake

Tiger Rattlesnake being eaten by a King Snake in northwest Phoenix, Arizona. Photo taken with a Blackberry, April 3, 2011.

© Marius Gheorghe, used with permission.
From the photographer: "I was hiking today in the Deem Hills Recreation Area and stumbled upon (what I believe to be) a king snake eating (what I believe to be) a tiger rattlesnake. I watched for a few minutes the 'ball' of snakes with the king snake being wrapped around the rattlesnake and swallowing it bit by bit. Once in a while the rattlesnake's tail would flail helplessly."

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