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Birds of Phoenix and Arizona

Photos of Birds Seen in the Greater Phoenix Area


The photos of birds in this Phoenix Bird Photo Gallery were taken mostly in the greater Phoenix area and submitted by local residents, or people who were visiting the area. If you took a great picture or two, and want to submit them for inclusion into the Phoenix Bird Photo Gallery, here's how you do it. When you send in your bird pictures, please tell me what kind of bird it is (if you know!) and the general area where you saw it.
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Arizona Great Blue Heron Great Blue HeronArizona Greater RoadrunnerGreater RoadrunnerArizona Great EgretGreat Egret With American White PelicansArizona HummingbirdHummingbird
Arizona HummingbirdHummingbirdArizona Gila WoodpeckerGila Woodpecker Turkey VultureTurkey VultureArizona DuckBlack-Bellied Whistling Duck
Immature Black-headed GrosbeakImmature Black-headed GrosbeakArizona House SparrowHouse SparrowArizona Mourning DoveMourning DoveTurkey VultureTurkey Vulture
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