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Intel's FAB 42 Semiconductor Manufacturing Facility

Under Construction


In 2011 Intel began construction of the FAB 42 manufacturing plant on its property located in Chandler, AZ. When completed in 2013, it will be the location for 1,000 employees.
Intel's FAB 42 Semiconductor Manufacturing Facility
© Judy Hedding
This picture was taken in South Chandler in January 2012. The following formation about the new FAB 42 plant being built in Chandler, Arizona was provided by the City of Chandler: "Intel announced in February [2011] that it would be making a $5 billion investment in a new, state-of-the-art computer chip factory on its Chandler Ocotillo campus. The announcement was made by Intel Chief Executive Paul Otellini during an event in Oregon attended by President Barack Obama. Construction began soon after the announcement and several thousand construction workers are already employed on the site, which is one of the largest construction projects in the world at this time. The massive construction cranes that dominate Chandler’s southwestern horizon are testament to the importance of this project for the community and the State. When completed, it will employ 1,000 permanent workers, many of them the higher-wage, higher-skill positions. Each Intel position creates three to four other local jobs that are needed to ensure Chandler’s continued economic growth. This Intel project is in addition to a multibillion-dollar project announced in October 2010 that will refurbish two existing fabrication facilities. Intel officials said they chose Chandler because of the quality of schools and universities, as well as its positive experiences working with the Mayor, Council and other City leaders and staff."
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