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20 Popular Things To Do in and Around Phoenix



Taliesin West / Frank Lloyd Wright

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Frank Lloyd Wright's Taliesin West**
A few miles northeast of Scottsdale, Arizona there is a living memorial to a great American architect. Nestled in the foothills of the rugged McDowell Mountains and surrounded by the spectacular Sonoran Desert lays a sprawling complex called Taliesin West. It was designed and built by Frank Lloyd Wright. Taliesin West today houses The Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation, The Frank Lloyd Wright Memorial Foundation, and The Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture. To get the full impact and understanding of the project and the man, I recommend you take one of the tours.

Take a Photo Tour of Taliesin West
The Biltmore Sprites

Golf at Gold Canyon Ranch, Dinosaur Course
This golf course, located in Apache Junction, is one of the best golf course in Arizona. The good news is, it is a public course. If you enjoy golf, you'll be challenged while you enjoy the spectacular scenery. The Dinosaur Course is the more challenging and the better of the two courses, in my opinion. It is also tougher to get a tee time there than on the other course, Sidewinder. That's just one of more than 200 golf courses in the Phoenix area.

My Favorite Golf Courses
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Drive Apache Trail**
The Apache Trail will be one of the most memorable drives you'll ever take. Your adventure will begin in Apache Junction, about 25 miles east of downtown Phoenix. The 46 miles between Apache Junction and Roosevelt Lake provides not only the most scenic part of the trip but also the most challenging driving. Please don't close your eyes! Along the way, you'll pass (or you can stop) at the Lost Dutchman State Park, Goldfield Ghost Town, Saguaro Lake, the Canyon Lake Recreation Area, the Theodore Roosevelt Dam site, and the Tonto National Monument. The Apache Trail has been designated a USFS Scenic Byway by the U.S. Forest Service, as well as an Arizona Scenic Historic Byway. It's a great day trip! Seriously -- if you are a nervous driver or passenger, this drive might not be for you.

Apache Trail Scenic Drive
Dolly Steamboat on Canyon Lake
One of the Best Motorcycle Rides in Central Arizona

Tovrea Castle
In the middle of Phoenix, atop a hill, there sits a building that looks something like a wedding cake. For many years people drove by, wondering what that building was all about. After the City of Phoenix purchased it, they developed it so that your questions could be answered. You can take a tour of the grounds and the building, learn about the families that lived here and discover how they influenced the history of Phoenix.

Tovrea Castle Tour
More Photos: Tovrea Castle

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