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Rawhide's Annual Clown Day

Clown Day Event at Rawhide Features Clown Parade


Rawhide's Annual Clown Day

Rawhide's Annual Clown Day

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Note: Rawhide's Clown Day is postponed indefinitely.

The Clown Day celebration at Rawhide is held in honor of National Clown Week.

What is Rawhide's Annual Clown Day?

It is said to be the largest clown gathering in the Southwest. Clowns parade, prance, and promenade down Rawhide's Main Street. Clowns will entertain throughout the evening, including free face painting and stage shows.

Do you have pictures of Rawhide's Annual Clown Day?

Yes! Enjoy this Rawhide Clown Day photo gallery.

When is Rawhide's Annual Clown Day?

The last Clown Day at Rawhide was in 2008.

Where is Rawhide's Annual Clown Day?

Here's a map and directions to Rawhide.

How do I get tickets for Rawhide's Annual Clown Day and how much are they?

You don't need tickets for Rawhide Clown Day. Admission to Rawhide's Western Town is free, and the clown-related activities, like the parade, are also free. Other attractions at Rawhide, like the shoot-out and the train ride, require tickets and there's a charge. You can get tickets for those at the event.

What else should I know about Rawhide's Annual Clown Day?

Family-friendly activities include face painting, children’s games, grand parade of clowns, and a pie eating contest, culminating with a live fireworks show.

Clown Day is a busy day at Rawhide, so if you are just going for the parade and evening fireworks, get there early. You might be parking in the overflow area, and it's either a long walk or you might have to wait a few minutes for shuttle. People start to line Rawhide's main street about half an hour before the parade. There are no grandstands, so you'll be standing up. Bring a stroller for the little ones. Tip: Best place to stand for the clown parade? In front of the General Store.

What if I have more questions about Rawhide's Annual Clown Day?

For more information, contact Rawhide at 480-502-5600 or visit Rawhide online .

All dates, times, prices, and offerings are subject to change without notice.

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