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El Dorado Hot Spring

More Soaking and Amenities at El Dorado Hot Spring

By Randy and Marilyn Stanard

Other Private Soaking Areas at El Dorado Hot Spring
Though we've only experienced two most popular areas, Sunset and Corral, there are three other private soaking areas at El Dorado Hot Spring:


Alphonse Karr
This spa is named after the bamboo that grows on its west side. It has two soaking tanks and is perfect for a couple or small family. It's small and very private. The temperature of both tanks may be controlled. One of them is a huge seven-foot antique cast iron bathtub, completely restored. There is some shade from natural vegetation. At night there is a beautiful view of the stars.

Desert Garden
The garden has sun, summer shade, and lounge chairs. It's very close to the Motel California cabin, a mineral water shower, and the main toilet area. It has two soaking tanks. The water temperature in each can be adjusted to your preference. Naturally heated spring water flows into one of them out of an old farm water dispenser. Excellent star gazing at night.

Lily Pond
Located beside a small pond filled with lily pads and thousands of tropical fish, Lily Pond soaking area has a hot tank and a small cool tank. It's under the shade of an ancient ironwood tree (the only tree that was on the property when El Dorado Hot Spring began) and is surrounded by palms, bamboo, bougainvilleas, and tall grasses.

    Amenities at El Dorado Hot Spring
    Overnight accommodations are available at El Dorado Hot Spring cabin, Motel California. It is equipped with a heater, air conditioner, radio, two reading lamps, bed, linens, and a full bath. Future plans are to add a fenced yard and private soaking tanks. Therapeutic massage by licensed massage therapists is available. There are spaces set aside for tents, van and RV parking (including dump station and water fill), and fire rings. Firewood is offered for sale.

    When you visit El Dorado Hot Spring you may either bring your own towels rent them at the office. Cold water and soda, Hot Spring guidebooks, and sunscreen are sold. Maps that show guests how to reach local natural and historical spots are provided for free.

    We were pleased to discover that despite the rustic nature of El Dorado Hot Spring, it was equipped with two fully modern restrooms. Camilla & Bill seem to keep rustic what needs to be rustic, but add the modern facilities when necessary for the convenience of their guests. If you plan on visiting after dark, I would strongly suggest bringing along a flashlight. This is especially useful when making the short walk from the soaking areas to the restroom.

    Tonopah Joe's Restaurant & Lounge
    We couldn't resist a dinner at "Tonopah Joe's," located just up the road from El Dorado Hot Spring. Actually, our visit began there. It was like stepping back in time. It could have been a scene out of "Petticoat Junction." I could envision Sam Drucker's General Store around the corner and could imagine seeing the Shady Rest Hotel down the road. Tonopah Joe's is a totally country experience with friendly down-home service you'd expect from such a place. Our meal for the evening was (what else?) fried chicken. After all, what could be more appropriate at a country restaurant? The chicken itself was almost worth the drive out. It was large, juicy, and delicious. The sides were all fresh and homemade, better than mother used to make.

    Where is El Dorado Hot Spring?
    El Dorado Hot Spring is one tenth of a mile west of 411th Avenue on Indian School Road. Here is a map to help you get there.

    Final Thoughts
    Chances are that you've visited or will visit many of the popular tourist attractions in and around Phoenix. If you enjoy a good meal, shopping, museums, outdoor activities, or simply the scenic beauty of the desert and mountains, then you'll find Phoenix and surrounding areas an oasis of fun and relaxation. If you are seeking a relaxing detour from the bustle of most vacations and a chance to see a piece of the natural Arizona desert up close, then a visit to El Dorado Hot Spring should be included in your plans.

    Be forewarned - natural hot mineral water can be addictive! You'll never again visit the Phoenix area without a stop at El Dorado Hot Spring to soak your cares away. As they say in their ad, "El Dorado Hot Spring, A Million Miles From Monday…" This is no hype; when you're out relaxing in the warm mineral water and enjoying the serenity of the desert, that's exactly how you feel.

    See you there!

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