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Hot Air Balloon Ride


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What To Expect During Your Hot Air Balloon Ride
The Hot Air Balloon, From the Inside

The Hot Air Balloon, From the Inside

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Aside from the more legal guidelines used by every hot air balloon company, there are some things that you should know before you arrange a hot air balloon ride.
  1. Sunrise flights are more popular than sunset flights.
  2. Bottles of water are available from Rainbow Ryders.
  3. Don't bring bulky items like backpacks and large purses on your hot air balloon ride.
  4. Wear closed-toed shoes. You might be inflating the balloon in dirt fields or landing in brush.
  5. There may be other people with you in the hot air balloon unless you have arranged in advance to have the balloon to yourselves.
  6. You'll be standing for the entire hot air balloon flight, about an hour.
  7. Bring your camera, and use the wrist strap!
  8. The hot air balloon will most likely not be landing in the same place as from where it took off. The balloon chase vehicle will meet you at landing to help you out of the balloon, deflate it, pack it up, have any closing celebration and drive you back to your vehicle.
  9. Most hot air balloon companies have some sort of closing celebration. At Rainbow Ryders guests were offered food, beverages, certificates and pins.
  10. Hot air balloon company employees appreciate tips if you had an enjoyable flight. Typically, if they did a good job, a 10% tip for each passenger is appropriate.

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